People's Climate March: Sacramento

Join us at the People's Climate March in Sacramento and march with the world.  On Saturday, April 29th there will be marches and rallies across the globe as people make their voices heard and demand that their leaders take notice.

Chico 350 will be organizing a carpool to Sacramento so that we can join the 1000's of others who will march and rally at our state capitol.  Here are the details:

Antarctica Is Covered With Flowing Water, And That Worries Scientists

Since the days of the great early 20th century polar explorers, scientists have noticed the unbelievably bright blue ponds and streams of meltwater that can form on the glaciers and ice shelves of Antarctica and were even crucial to the recent collapse of one ice shelf.

While most research into Antarctic ice melt has concentrated on the impacts of warming ocean waters that are eating away at the ice from below, a new continent-wide survey shows that these surface meltwater drainage systems are much more prevalent around the continent than was previously thought.

March for Science!

"The March for Science demonstrates our passion for science and sounds a call to support and safeguard the scientific community. Recent policy changes have caused heightened worry among scientists. The incredible and immediate outpouring of support has made clear that these concerns are also shared by the support of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

CalPERS to Discuss Divesting from Dakota Access

On Day 5 of his administration, Donald Trump has signed executive orders that attempt to re-start work on Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Both of California's huge public pension funds, CalPERS and CalSTRS, hold significant investments in Energy Transfer Partners, the conglomeration of companies building DAPL. CalPERS investments total about $65 million, CalSTRS about $30 million. Most of the funds’ holdings are in corporate bonds, high-risk investments that companies sell to raise funds for construction projects.

Fossil Free California urges CalSTRS to divest

Chico 350 has been working with Fossil Free California (FFCA) to encourage the CalSTRS board of directors to divest from fossil fuels.  Here's how you can help.

CalSTRS stands for California State Teacher's Retirement System and is the pension fund for the nearly 300,000 public school teachers in our state.  Currently the fund (which is worth $194 billion) has some of it's money invested in some of the worst offenders in the fossil fuel industry and we want them to divest it.